Tuesday, January 02, 2007

North Coast Pix 2006

Before we get deeper into 2007, here are some of my photos from the past year. This is Stephanie Kim, a North Coast ballerina after her premiere performance as the Sugar Plum Fairy in this year's Nutcracker, performed at HSU by North Coast Dance. Posted by Picasa
The reception after the Nutcracker premiere was catered by Avalon restaurant. The chocolate fountain was a big hit. Posted by Picasa
Redwood Curtain held a fundraiser Christmas party at the Bayside Grange. Here actor Theresa Ireland responds to Bob Wells as a naughty Santa. Posted by Picasa
Seasons greeters at the Redwood Curtain bash: Lynn and Bob Wells.
The Guantanamo Group of North Coast Quakers continues to meet and use various means to attain their goal of visiting the Guantanamo Bay prisons to offer comfort to prisoners and staff. They are Andrea Armin-Holland, Karin Salzmann, Dr. Fred Adler, Carol Cruickshank and Margaret Thomas Kelso. Not pictured: Dr. Richard Ricklefs. Posted by Picasa
In December this robin began tapping at the kitchen window, apparently trying to get in. These words were part of our efforts to gently persuade it to desist. So far nothing has worked--the robin visits nearly every day, tap, tap, tapping on our kitchen window. Posted by Picasa
Pema was a semi-feral cat rescued from starvation, and our companion for about a year and a half. It's only recently that she would have remained relaxed enough to have her picture taken. Posted by Picasa
Our backyard apples this fall. Posted by Picasa
One of our pair of resident hummers this year. In past years we've seen three around the feeder at times, but I've seen only two this year. However, they're still here as of New Year's Day. Posted by Picasa