Monday, January 23, 2006

North Coast Links

Since Eureka was a battleground over a proposed new Wal-Mart, there's likely still some interest in the issues raised then. I wrote a review published on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, with a HUGE illustration, which you can find here in its on-line version, or in a longer version here.

Also, some of the material in an earlier post here became part of a cover story in the North Coast Journal about Humboldt Quakers and Guantanamo Bay Prison. It seems to have started ripples that are still moving outward several weeks after publication. Locally, it seems to have sparked interest in the Guantanamo effort (new participants in the Guantanamo group's meetings) and in the Quakers (new people at worship for several Sundays in a row.)

One letter to the editor in the Journal indicated that other local churches might find ways to support the Quakers' efforts. And some national Quaker organizations have taken note as well.

The cover story of this coming Thursday's issue of the Journal is on North Coast bloggers. I was asked to contribute part of it, on my blogging experiences. Should be interesting.

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