Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arcata Sunset (series 2)


Doc Anchovy said...

Hi. How are yunz guys? Yea, I lived in Pittsburgh for awhile.

Great sunset photo's! Thanks.

I do have a prickly question though...Just how does one "become native to" the North Coast when you're not native to it? I'm from San Francisco and lived in Fort Bragg for ten years and now here in Eureka for two and I still haven't figured it out. Of course, I'm kidding. I am happy as a clam to be a transplant from the Bay Area.

I lived all over Pittsburgh for about three years. My wife went to CMU.

Captain Future said...

Hi Doc--I'm heading back to the burgh for a visit in June. My partner Margaret is a CMU dramat, also taught there for a bit. I lived on the South Side and then Squirrel Hill when I returned to the area. I do run into transplants now and again--or at least Steeler fans!

This blog started out being about the process of becoming "native" to this place, using the Jackson book (Becoming Native to This Place) as a starting point. It's a paradox of course, but alot of us are transplants in our lives. So I started with the actual Natives to this place. A lot of the early research I did I archived at North Coast Texts.

Since then my posting has been more haphazard than I'd like, but I guess the answer is that becoming native to a place is a process that doesn't end, and it's a different process for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by...